Municipal strengths and flagships: Bio fuel, algaes and industrial symbiosis



The Zealand region consists of 17 municipalities and was first in Denmark to agree on a joint regional climate strategy. 14 of the municipalities have (as of July 2014) signed the Covenant of Mayors, voluntarily committing themselves to increase energy efficiency beyond the EU targets. Region Zealand has joined the Covenant of Mayors as Covenant Coordinator to assist its municipalities.

The municipalities in Region Zealand enjoy strong collaboration in the area of climate change, energy and the environment. The municipalities have created the ELENA funded REEEZ project, investing in energy savings of almost 67 million Euro. The municipalities participate actively in climate networks and work jointly towards promoting citizen involvement and energy villages. The municipalities are also assessing the possibility of establishing inter-municipal wind farms. Furthermore, they are examining potential allocations and use of biomass resources throughout the region. The next step now is to look at strategic energy planning.


Focus on cooperation – nationally and internationally

The municipalities of Region Zealand jointly own a project office in Denmark that facilitates cooperation within the areas of climate, energy and the environment. ZealandDenmark works proactively to link and identify new projects and partners in the international arena as well.


Flagship projects: Bio fuel, algaes and industrial symbiosis

The municipalities have a number of flagship projects, like Hydrogen Village Vestenskov, the industrial symbiosis in Kalundborg and Hashøj Biogas. In addition, the municipalities are currently involved in projects concerning an algae plant, climate adaption and flood barriers and a second generation biofuel plant. Furthermore, Region Zealand has a strong cooperation with Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Copenhagen Capacity, Cluster Biofuel Denmark and many more.


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