Health and Care



Region Zealand’s Healthcare

Over the last years Region Zealand and its 17 municipalities’ joint efforts to create a coherent people-centered healthcare system with an increasing focus on dialogue, better communication paths and standardized data sharing and collection. In the coming years Zealand will still focus on improving the consistency and quality of the overall healthcare system by:


  • Extending the use of specialized hospitals;
  • Creating multiple and accelerated paths of communication and treatment processes and;
  • Expanding the use of outpatient treatments.


The efforts to create consistency and quality will also affect services provided by municipalities within the social field and the practicing doctors.

In the upcoming years Region Zealand anticipates an increasing need for health services for some population groups, especially senior citizens, citizens with chronic diseases and psychologically vulnerable young people. To meet this challenge the Region and its 17 municipalities focus on innovative joint solutions of quality with maintained costs. For this same reason Region Zealand and its municipalities have an increasing focus on project development and fundraising in the field of health care, especially in the field of procurement process, eHealth, integrated care but also many other areas involving practitioners, researchers and private actors.