Collaborative units in Region Zealand


Region Zealand has several departments and institutions with experiences as partner in international projects.


Region Zealand
  • SIS (Health Innovation Zealand) is an independent centre under The Unit of Regional Development for Region Zealand. The purpose of the centre is to contribute to the development of the healthcare services and thereby enhance business development in the region. SIS was established in 2011 by Region Zealand along with the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, and The Growth Forum Initiatives of Region Zealand. (SIS homepage)
  • PFI is a cross-regional centre with about 50 employees. It comprises three units dealing with production (service delivery), research and innovation respectively. The centre coordinates the tasks of the three units and utilise the associated synergy potentials. The Production unit develops and implements programmes and projects in the region’s somatic hospital wards and psychiatry aimed at enhancing productivity, efficiency, professional and patient experienced treatment quality as well as occupational health and staff well-being. The research unit is responsible for developing the region’s research portfolio, together with the hospitals and psychiatry. It assists researchers in initiating research, provides infrastructure for doing research, and supports dissemination of research results. The Innovation Unit supports hospitals and psychiatry in their efforts to introduce (implement) new processes, equipment, treatment concepts and organization with the aim of increasing quality of care, treatment safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness.


University College Zealand (UCSj)

UCSJ is a multidisciplinary unit doing research and development within a range of health oriented subjects. The university college is especially skilled in designing and conducting both qualitative and quantitative research with a strong focus on issues related to ageing, health promotion and prevention. Examples of studies and research from the portfolio:

  • Quality in care as perceived by patients with COPD and the health professionals (on-going research and development project in collaboration with a hospital and a center for COPD, financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund)
  • Everyday life with dementia from the perspectives of the patient, the spouse and children (on-going community based research and development project in collaboration with a nursing home, financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund)
  • Health promotion and prevention among sedentary workers in the EU project under the PROGRESS program. (project web-site)

UcSj (in Danish)



VIS (Welfare Innovation Zealand)
VIS (Welfare Innovation Zealand) is a network organization of all the municipalities in Region Zealand and thereby also public procurers working in the field of eHealth and assisted living services.(VIS homepage)


CAPNOVA is an investment and development company which by means of capital, solid business experience and a strong network turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. CAPNOVA contributes to turning the ideas of innovative entrepreneurs into successful businesses by investing governmental, regional and own venture capital. (CAPNOVA homepage)