Other areas of interest


Prevention of falls

In Region Zealand the treatment procedure for elderly people experiencing falls can take place by the general practitioner or at the Geriatric Department in the hospital where a rehabilitation plan will be set up for the patient. The Geriatric Department in Region Zealand works by the notion that falls can be prevented through thorough research of its causes, which enables the development of specified rehabilitation programs that decrease the future risk of falling.

  • The municipality of Holbæk takes part in an initiative within Sund By Netværket that aims at reducing the number of falls in the municipality, as well as the social and economic negative consequences of falls. Holbæk aims at engaging in partnerships with European researchers in the area.
  • Roskilde municipality is, together with the Geriatric Department of Roskilde Hospital, collaborating on a new fall detection device to be used outdoors.

    (Region Zealand’s strategy on falls)


The future of senior housing
Region Zealand has a network of 7 municipalities that wish to cooperate to create better, future senior housing. The network gathers data on the needs and wishes of senior citizens to set up strategies for innovative integration of ICT solutions in senior housing facilities. The network form the basis of a common platform to share best practices in the construction and design of housing, and allow for more sustainable housing strategies. The aim of the project is to create a more modern senior housing in the participating municipalities, which will increase the citizens’ well-being and enable them to live more independent and healthy lives.


Bridge to Better Health
Bridge to Better Health is a partnership formed by the municipalities of Lolland and Guldborgsund in collaboration with Region Zealand (Hospital of Nykøbing F., Psychiatry), the general practitioners represented by PLO (Organisation of general practitioners) and Business Lolland-Falster. Bridge to better Health works to promote health equity by promoting psychical and mental health and well-being of the population across age, gender and health profile; improve the quality of services for the individual; by providing easy and equal access to health care that works and have a high level of patient satisfaction; and through an efficient use of resources. It is a long-term project with the objective to reduce the level of diseases of the population, increase the quality and efficiency of the health services through citizen empowerment. (Status Report 2012-2013, The Bridge towards better Health


Research strategy
The vision of Region Zealand is to contribute to the economical sustainability of the region by promoting research, development and innovation to guarantee that the citizens’ welfare is ensured by financing the implementation of medical technological developments and to support private producers’ research initiatives. Region Zealand’s research strategy is to strengthen the foundation for growth and development, enhance the research environments of the city and strengthen the collaboration between the research and production. (Research strategy)