Projects and Networks

Region Zealand has acquired expertise on issues related to health promotion, active ageing and innovation through involvement in several projects and networks at the European level. Under the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), Region Zealand is active in two working groups. In group B3, Integrated Care, the region has activities related to Follow‐Up Home Visits. In group C2, Independent Living, the region is active through the Community of Regions for Assisted Living Network (CORAL), which is a network of European regions working together in the field of regional policy for Ambient Assisted Living and Active and Healthy Ageing.

See examples of interregional and European projects:


Under CIP-ICT-PSP, Region Zealand is a main partner of the European Network Group for Ageing Well and its Deployment (ENGAGED). ENGAGED is a Thematic Network that will build a learning community of stakeholders from different backgrounds and across different European countries to nurture the emergence of innovative and sustainable active and healthy ageing services that make best use of technology. (ENGAGED website)


Cancer Research Fehmarn Belt (KFFB)

Cancer Research Fehmarn Belt (KFFB) is a cross-border project collaboration between Oncology & Hematology Department of Hospital South, Næstved, Denmark and Klinik für Strahlentherapie, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck, Germany. Through public research, experience and knowledge, the project will help to further develop the quality of cancer treatment on both sides of the Fehmarn Belt. Funded under Interreg 4A. (KFFB Website)


Prohip is an inter-regional project bringing the regions of Zealand and Skåne together with a goal to optimize the treatment and care of hip patients. Funded under Interreg 4A.The project partners are:

  • University College Zealand, lead partner.
  • Southern Hospital and the orthopaedic surgery departments at Slagelse Hospital and Næstved Hospital, collaboration partners in Region Zealand.
  • The orthopaedic clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, collaboration partner in Region Skåne.(Prohip Website)


EPP – eHealth
EPP – eHealth is a European project starting in 2015 that will develop a network of procures to enable them to identify common needs, conduct market analysis, understand supply chain, use these tools to comprise a higher procurement volume, and achieve bigger impact on suppliers. It will allow them voice out their unmet needs, create a new demand to access sustainable products of higher quality, and develop new applications with lower life cycle costs. The network will allow the consortium to stimulate the market with the aim of creating a PPI/PCP procurement strategy for the eHealth sector. (EPP – eHealth Website)


SAEPP is a European project starting in 2015 that aims at creating and collating a consensus of agreement from Ambulance Users and Procurers on the core technology-centric features which, if correctly integrated into a suitably re-designed ambulance, would allow them to demonstrate, evaluate and deliver new models of in-community healthcare delivery, with the primary objective of avoiding unnecessary hospital attendances (& thus admissions) and the associated patient distress and hospital costs. Such a consensus would form the basis of a future PCP for the envisaged vehicle, and such a PCP Specification is in fact an output of this proposed work. (SAEPP Website)


Nordic PPI Net

Nordic PPI Net: Is a cooperation project between public institutions and private companies working for a foundation for common innovation procurement projects in the Nordic health sector. SIS is involved in the following PPI projects:

o Lifeline, patient monitoring system in collaboration with the private company VIEWCARE, hospitals and Aalborg University

o Hygienic drain in collaboration with private company ACO

o Hand Hygiene automat in collaboration with private company Hygiene development ApS

(Nordic PPI Net)



SIS works with the platform OPI (Public Private Innovation), which combines the knowledge of public institutions with the solutions provided by private institutions. This cooperation leads to new products and services that increase the quality in the public sector and creates growth in the private. SIS provides the identification of the needs in the health sector that are suited for an OPI-project and creates a catalogue of services with collaboration possibilities between private companies and the public sector in Region Zealand. VIS, CAPNOVA and Connect Denmark are also partners in the collaboration.

o mPsyke is a project that deals with psychiatric problems, in this case schizophrenia, and how to secure a better treatment in rural areas. mPsyke is based on an application, which can qualify and motivate citizens with Schizophrenia prevent and predict their own symptoms with their smartphone.

o In-hospital strength training for patients: The project facilitates patients’ self-training before, during and after hospitalization with the aim of strengthen their health conditions and to accelerate the patients’ rehabilitation process while lowering treatment costs.

(OPI-platform Website)